Accessories, Test


Optional Accesories

Conventional Tank
• Conservator with breather.
• Buchholz relays.
• Dial type thermometer with alarm & tripping contacts.
• Bushings cover box cable box.
• Elas mold epoxy resin bushing for HV side.

Hermen cally Sealed Tank
• Pressure relief valve or device with N2.
• Pressure vacuum gauge.
• Nitrogen lling valve.
• Dial thermometer with alarm & tripping contacts.
• Bushing at cover with cable box.
• Elas mold bushing.

On-load tap changer


All products must pass standardQuality Control and testing procedures before shipment.

A. Complete routine test as specified in standards, as follow:
• Turn ratio test.
• Polarity test.
• Copper loss (load loss) test.
• Iron loss (no load loss) voltage test.
• Transformer oil breakdown voltage test.
• Measurement of no load current (exciting current).
• Measurement of impedance.
• Applied voltage test.
• Induced over voltage test.

B. Type test:
In case of a newly designed transformer or upon special request from customer, we could also perform the following type test:
• All routine test, item specified in (A) with N2 sealed.
• Impulse voltage test.
• Temperature rise test.