PT. Sintra Sinarindo ELektrik Certification

In January 1998, PT. Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik obtained the quality system certification from SPM-PLN (Quality Supervision Board of The PLN). In April of that same year, PT. Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik implemented the ISO 9001 (A Quality Management System) in order to maintain its high quality and strict standards. In November 1998, we received Accreditation from KEMA (Registered Quality Certification Board in Indonesia). 

In 2005 the first successfully designed and manufactured 10 MVA 3 phases Power Transformer was delivered. 

In March 2006 we obtained the Quality System Management ISO- 9001:2000, certified by SAI Global, insuring quality for design, production, sales and after-sales service for Power and Distribution Transformers. Our three phase 20kV/0.4kV, capacity from 25kVA up to 1000 kVA Transformer, all have passed rigorous testing standard, in accordance with SPLN-50 1997 standard, as well as our single phase CSP 11.547kV/462-231V product with capacites 25 and 50 kVA.

All has successfully passed the strict PLN standards and certification tests and have been the benchmark for Transformers in Indonesia.

In 2007 our prototype for SPLN D3.002-1: 2007 new standard D3 was one of the rest to pass and to be LMK certified. 

In 2008 we produced and delivered the rest 18MVA Power Transformer.