HAEI’s Seminar at Bandung 2018

Bandung – Again, PT Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik and Himpunan Ahli Elektro Indonesia (HAEI) was cooperated to held a Seminar “Improving Professionalism by Sizing Your Electrical Power Apparatus Properly with IEC Standard” on Thursday, March 15th 2018 at Aryaduta Hotel Bandung. This seminar was held to educate members of HAEI on the guidelines of short circuit calculations using MVA Method, which stated on PUIL 2011 and IEE Transaction on Industry Applications Vol 1A-10 No. 2.

Achmad Sutowo Sutopo, the Chairman of HAEI, welcomed the seminar activities, because it shared valuable information and knowledge for the business in construction industry. "Through this seminar, we can understand how to sizing our electrical power apparatus properly by using IEC Standard," said Sutopo. MB