Jakarta – As a form of support to the Himpunan Ahli Elektro Indonesia (HAEI), On October 30, 2018 PT Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik participated in sponsoring the 5th National Conference of the Himpunan Ahli Elektro Indonesia (HAEI) that was held at the Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta.

Achmad Sutowo Sutopo, Chairperson of HAEI, said that at the 41st HAEI, many have contributed to the state towards development in the electro / electricity sector. In this 5th National Conference, we can exchange insights, carrying the theme Making HAEI with High Competence and Integrity is proof that the seriousness of HAEI continues to evolve and develop, also plays an active role in national development. In this National Conference, there were some interesting agenda before entering the main room, the participants were presented by the exhibition booth from several HAEI members, there were discussions and seminars. Then, open to questions and answers to support members' aspirations, stipulate the constitution and the latest election of the new chairman. MB