Standard, Core & Windings



The transformers are manufactured in accordance to SPLN, ANSI and IEC standards, and also individual customer requirements. 


The cores use high quality cold rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheet. They provide low iron loss, low noise, compact size, and the best performance for high e ciency transformers.

Types of Cores
- Strip-Wound Core:
For application in single-phase or three-phase compact size transformers with low noise and excellent magnetic circuit characteristics.

- Step-Lap Core:
It is suitable for applica on in single phase or three-phase, Core-Type or Shell-Type compact size transformers. It has excellent magne c circuits which reduce iron loss considerably and greatly increase the mechanical strength of the transformer.

- Stacking Core: The mitered core, joined by 45-degree cut silicon steel sheets, has excellent mechanical strength, and is used for the applica on of three-phase, high capacity transformers. It has the best performance and low iron loss through the used high quality silicon steel sheets.


We use high quality products, the categories are as:
1. Round Enameled Magnet Wire
2. Paper-Wrapped Rectangular Copper Wire:
The wires, ribbed with thermally-upgraded insula ng paper, are applied in oil-immersed transformers.
3. Copper/Aluminum strip:
The high conduc vity copper or aluminum foil is applied in low voltage windings. The foils must be processed through an edge-modi er to get rid of burrs and to have round edges.

Winding Structure:
Basic designs are follows:
• HV-LV (Core-Type).
• LV-HV-LV (Shell-Type).
By using a copper/aluminum strip, rectangular copper wires, the windings have a compact size, excellent heat transmission, low load loss, high lightening impulse resis vity, and outstanding an -short circuit strength.