Tank, Clamp, Accessories



A. All tanks are assembled by cold rolled and hot rolled steel plates through welding. They are equipped with radiators or corrugated steel sheets in accordance with the capacity of the transformer. Meanwhile, it reinforced the tanks to face a harsh opera on environment.

B. The tank must go through degreasing, acid cleaning, phosphide lm, oxide primer, and polyurethane process etc., to guarantee its functioning in the worst opera on environment.


Step-Lap Cores and Stacking Cores have di erent clamp arrangements. We designed a special pre-load structure, which not only can resist axial electromagnetic force. Reinforce clamps, and coils compact and strong. So, our transformers have excellent electromagnetic characteristics and the best an -short-circuit strength. This guarantees the safety of the system when an abnormal breakdown occurs. 


Standard transformer accessories normally consist of:
• Name plate (rating plate).
• Factory name plate.
• Oil level indicator.
• Thermometer.
• Oil lling device.
• Drain valve.
• Lifting lugs.
• Offload tap charger.
• Medium & low voltage bushings.
• Base roller or skid base.